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Organic Paw Soap

Organic Paw Soap

Organic Paw Soap
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Why use our Organic Paw Soap:

Our organic paw soap has been formulated specifically to target the areas of the paw that are the hardest to reach. Our paw soap guarantees an even more robust cleaning process, while ensuring that its double-acting organic oil moisturizing components protect the paw pad, and fur under-skin keeping it moist and flexible to prevent cracking, dandruff and subsequent irritation/infection, which is more common when using aggressive soaps and sanitizers not formulated for dog paws!

Why use Hyperscrub:

The hyperscrub’s medical grade materials allow for an extremely thorough cleaning of the paw pad, nails and inner webspace, which are prime targets for the buildup of dirt, microbes and salt. This buildup can cause irritation, paw licking, hair loss, granulomas, infections and salt burn during the winter. The hyperscrub alleviates these problems within 2 minutes of paw scrubbing each day. In addition to the quick action of hyperscrub, it is incredibly easy to use, clean, and convenient to pack away during trips!

INCLUDES: Hyperscrub’s Organic Paw Soap

When paw scrubbing gets medical mandate… we deliver. 🐶


Our powerful organic paw soap is essential to breaking up dirt, microbes and chemicals that build up within the paw pad, nails and inner web space. This special formula incorporates several organic components including olive oil and coconut oil to allow for a double-action moisturization and cleaning process. This is a very important first step to preventing dryness and cracking of the paw pad, and fur underskin, which becomes increasingly difficult during the colder seasons. Our organic paw soap takes minimum effort to apply to your hyperscrub water before scrubbing your doggo’s paws. This robust double-action paw soap also emits a soothing aroma to make your pups paws smell fantastic!