Triple Large Black Clean Paw Pack W/1 Soap & 1 Towel – HyperScrub Pet Care


Triple Large Black Clean Paw Pack W/1 Soap & 1 Towel

Triple Large Black Clean Paw Pack W/1 Soap & 1 Towel

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1 Triple pack of 3 black, large-sized Hyperscrub microfiber paw-scrubbing brushes that include 1 organic soap & 1 microfiber towel to clean larger dog paws.

Product Ingredients and Use: 

Antibacterial, latex-free medical-grade polypropylenes and heat resistant ABA thermoplastic microfiber, polyesters, and polyamides.
Organic Soap
Resistant to: Heat and Chemicals
Recyclable: YES
Robustness: Flexible and Safe, yet Sturdy
Latex-Free: YES

Why use Hyperscrub:

Hyperscrub Triple Large Black Clean Paw Pack consists of three large, black Hyperscrub Paw Scrubbers for larger dogs, one Organic Soap, and one Microfiber Towel. Our scientifically-proven, medical-grade, antimicrobial materials significantly improve the efficiency of the paw-cleaning process by removing 34% more organic materials, such as proteins and soil, when compared to traditional bristle brushes. Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber allows for an extremely thorough cleansing of the paw pad, nails and inner webspace - which are prime targets for the buildup of dangerous pathogens, germs, microbes, dirt and salt - while also helping to soothe and heal the paw pads. This buildup and irritation can cause yeast infections of the paw, moist skin dermatitis, paw redness, chewing, moist skin lesions, paw licking, hair loss, granulomas, allergic reactions and salt burn during the winter. Hyperscrub alleviates these problems by providing a deep, thorough cleansing of the paws within just 2 minutes of paw scrubbing each day with our Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber brush container device and our Organic Soap. You just pour warm water with Hyperscrub Organic Soap into the Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber, insert one paw at a time into the Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber, move it around and up and down to brush clean your dog’s paws, and quickly dry each paw with our Hyperscrub Microfiber Towel. All four dog paws are deep-cleansed in 2 minutes. In addition to the quick and effective cleansing action of Hyperscrub, it is incredibly easy to use and clean, and also so convenient to pack away and carry during trips! Hygiene is more important than ever during these pandemic times. Hyperscrub not only protects your pup from deadly pathogens, harmful germs, and dangerous bacteria by keeping its paws clean, healthy and safe, but, more importantly, it also does so for you and all your family by preventing your dog from tracking all those very same diseases back into your home on its paws and all over your house, floors, sofas and bed.


Hyperscrub Triple Large Black Clean Paw Pack with 3 Hyperscrub Paw Scrubbers, 1 Hyperscrub Organic Soap, and 1 Hyperscrub Towel


With its incorporation of a grouping of authentic, antimicrobial surgical scrub brushes that are flexible and lightweight, the Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber is the first medical-grade microfiber scrub brush for dog paws. These micro-bristles provide an unparalleled deep cleansing capability, spreading throughout the inner-web space, paw pad and nails to capture dirt, pathogens, microbes, feces particles, road salt, chemicals and the list goes on! Not only is the circumference of this great device lined with surgical bristles, but its opening lip and base are also lined to provide immediate cleaning upon entry and robust cleansing of dog nails as well. The powerful Hyperscrub Organic Soap is vital in breaking up dirt and microbes, and leaves a wonderfully fresh, natural, and aromatic scent after ensuring a hygienic cleansing of the paws that dogs love without any harmful chemicals or allergens. After the thorough cleansing of the paws, our Hyperscrub Microfiber Towel easily dries them up quickly, to the dog’s content due to its softness. Yes, Hyperscrub Microfiber Towel is extremely soft and wipes your pooch’s nails, paws, and lower ankles smoothly and completely. You now can provide gold standard paw cleansing to your pup in 2 minutes a day, thanks to Hyperscrub; it’s just that easy! We wouldn’t brag about it if we - its proud inventors - didn’t effectively use it every day after every walk to ensure that our dog Chase’s paws are properly cleansed and protected!