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Find the Perfect care taker for your dog’s paw health

It is essential for pet lovers to take good care of their dogs from time to time. Often your dogs are exposed to dirt and this can result to paw health hazards. Healthy paws are vital to your puppy’s well-being. If you are not notified about this, then it is time to get concerned about it. Are you a dog lover and wondering where to find paw pad cleaning health products in New York? Then HyperscrubPetCare can be your perfect dog’s paw pad health care taker in New York.  

We provide excellent dog paw cleaning solution for all patrons of dog lovers. Our dog grooming products are made with authentic medical grade materials and designed thinking about the comfort and flexibility of our dog owners. The HyperscrubPetCare products come with high quality grade material to ensure good paw health. 

Our products 

Microfibre Towel: The microfiber towel is made specially for delicate and sensitive paws.It will allow to remove scratching, pain and discomfort during drying of dog paws. Since, the towel is developed with top quality cloth so there is no chance of getting the thread stuck in pet nail beds  and inner web space of dog paws. 

Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber: The Hyperscrup paw scrubber is easy to apply. Within 2 minutes a day, gold standard paw cleaning can be used to scrub the dog’s paw. It will help to eliminate the dirt and maintain clean paw pads. 

Organic Paw Soap: It is a robust double-action paw cleaning soap that can give a fantastic smell to puppy’s paws. 

If you have the habit of taking out your dog on a hike or for a walk, no need to worry about the paw health risks. We have the best products developed for all our dog well-wishers. It will keep your best friend healthy and at the same time make your home environment free from pesky allergens.

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