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  • Hyperscrub Pet Care was founded in January of 2018 by Dr. Robert Plummer, a board-certified American surgeon, and his son Bobby Plummer, a medical student. From the very beginning, the focus of this company was to provide medically patented products that were previously unavailable for general use. The company has grown with time and now offers a range of products including the Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber, Organic Paw Soaps, Microfiber Towels.
  • The primary mission of Hyperscrub Pet Care is to keep your dogs paws healthy and your homes clean. Your pets are exposed to large amounts of dirt, microbes, allergens, salt, and debris whenever you take them out for a walk or run. Now, most of the time all these contaminants are tracked back into the homes where they can also affect the people living inside. This not just ruins your carpets, couches or beds but is also not good for your pets' health. The health risks related to the paws include itchy, red or dry cracked paws, paw chewing, excessive licking of paws, redness, and infection. Therefore, it is very necessary for you to properly take care of your pet's paws.

    The products offered by us help you do exactly and precisely that. Using our product not only alleviates the symptoms which we’ve mentioned but also provides a thorough scrub of the paw pad, nails and inner webspace to eliminate dirt.

Do not hesitate to buy one of our Hyperscrub Pet Care Products, as their various features make them the best for your four-legged friend. To know more you should give our page a thorough read. The benefits of using our products are that they are incredibly easy to use, easy to clean, convenient, fast and effective.

Easy to Use

Cleaning the paws of your dog falls under the process of puppy grooming. We make sure that the products designed by us provide flexibility and comfort to your pet. Our products come in three major variations i.e Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber, Clean Paw Pack and Charcoal Hyperscrub.

The use of these products is very simple. The medical-grade microfibres lining the circumference base and the lip of the brush ensure a full clean-up of your dog's paws.

Say goodbye to dirty paws with Hyperscrub

You can now entrust us with the task of taking care of your pet's paws. As mentioned before, your pets’ dirty paws can lead to several critical health issues. Acquiring the Hyperscrub for your dog or cat helps you avoid those situations. It also provides you the means to maintain your home environment free of dangerous microbes and allergens. Therefore, this product is the best gift for your furry pal.

You can acquire and use our products with ease

Buying a pack of paw scrubber from us will feel like a summer breeze to you. The entire process is so simple and the interface is user-friendly. This process of placing the order and receiving your pack of Hyperscrub involves four steps i.e placing the order, making the required payment, shipping of the pack and receiving the product. We also have a well-defined refund policy in case there is any problem with the product received by you. So why hesitate anymore? Get your pack of Hyperscrub today!

Variety of Hyperscrub Pet Care products

We provide a variety of Hyperscrub products, images of which have been provided in the section below. These products include Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber, Clean Paw Pack and Charcoal Hyperscrub. All these products have received wide acclaim and have a fully satisfied customer base.

We as a company, will never compromise the quality of our product. Special care is taken to ensure that the materials manufactured by us are extremely durable, soft, flexible organic is user-friendly. This ensures that Hyperscrub products work effectively to meet all the requirements of our clients today. It is this reason that Hyperscrub Pet Care is a prominent name in the field of dog grooming products. It is our pride to announce that many people rank us as the best paw cleaner on the market.

We know how much you care for your pet

We know that your pet is an integral part of your family. The care and emotional connection with your cat or dog is fully appreciated by us. This is exactly why we thought of providing you with excellent products to help you take proper care of their paws to keep them safe and healthy.

If you are still thinking about whether to buy our Hyperscrub products, now is the time to end all doubts and hesitations. Trust in our premium pet care products and provide your pet with an experience that he/she has never had before.

Ensure the good health of your pet with us

By now you must be aware of the benefits of using Hyperscrub. Just remember that clean paws ensure health protection for your pets and safeguard a healthy at-home environment. Get in touch with us and order your box today!