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Hyperscrub Petcare | Why Us?

Hyperscrub is made with love and understanding

Dogs are always exposed to dirt, allergens, microbes, and debris on their paws whenever they are taken out for a walk, run or hike, especially on unpaved roads. These can lead to paw related health risks like itchiness, dryness or cracked paws, etc. Dogs bring lots of contaminants back into our home that make their way to your carpet, couches, and beds. We not only found a way to keep your home clean and safe but at the same time have also come up with a way to keep your dog healthy as well.   

Our Hyperscrub Pet Care team was founded by Dr. Robert Plummer, a Board Certified American Surgeon and his son Bobby Plummer, a medical student. 

“We empower dog owners to keep their best friends in good health”  - Dr. Plummer

To ensure a high-quality product to all our clients, we offer a range solely of quality medicated paw products including our Microfibre Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber, Organic Paw Soap, and Microfibre Towel to dry the paws quickly and effectively. Our products are designed with flexibility and comfort in mind for your pet and ease of use for the pet owner. We are excited to have released gold-standard solutions for our dog owners. Our team ensures to provide innovative, highly effective comfy products to all our dog-loving patrons for years to come.

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