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About Us

Made with love in New York

It is our mission to keep your dog’s paws healthy and your homes safely clean. Our dogs are exposed to generous amounts of dirt, microbes, allergens, salt, and debris on their paws every time we take them out for a walk, a run or a hike. These contaminants are then carried into your home, carpets, couches, and beds and are the primary contributors to the paw related health risks of your best friend! These paw health risks include itchy, red or dry cracked paws, excessive paw licking, paw chewing, and infection. In providing a thorough scrub of the paw pad, nails, and inner webspace to eliminate dirt, Hyperscrub not only ameliorates these symptoms but also keeps your home environment free of pesky allergens and microbes. Hyperscrub is perfect for dog owners to keep their furry pals in good health and comfort!


The Hyperscrub Pet Care team was founded by Dr. Robert Plummer, a Board Certified American Surgeon, and his son Bobby Plummer, a medical student. These medically patented products focus on the utilization of authentic medical-grade materials that were previously unavailable for general use.

We offer a range of medically certified paw products including our Microfibre Hyperscrub, Organic Paw Soap, and Microfibre Towels to dry them quickly and effectively.

Our products are designed with flexibility and comfort in mind for your pup and ease of use for the pet owner. We are very excited to release these gold-standard cleaning solutions that are now readily available to all dog owners. Our team strives to serve the entire population of dog lovers everywhere and assures we will be around to provide innovative and highly effective comfy products to all our dog-loving patrons for years to come.