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Incredibly Easy To Use

Incredibly Easy To Use

Why should you get Hyperscrub for your pet?

Taking your pet out for a walk will get his/her paws exposed to dirt, microbes, allergens, salt, and debris. Deposition of these particles in the paws of your four-legged buddy is harmful to its health as it can lead to a lot of health issues such as infection, cracked or dry paws, etc. The contaminants tracked back home also make the floor of your house dirty and ruin carpets and furniture. To avoid such circumstances, you should properly clean the paws of your pet. Execution of such becomes difficult without a proper paw scrubber. Now, when we talk about or discuss the best paw cleaners, the name of Hyperscrub emerges prominently. This is why you should get a box of Hyperscrub for your pet as it effectively provides the best quality at an affordable price that’s so quick and easy to use.

How easy is it to use?

People often are unsure how to use the Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber in an effective manner. To end all your uncertainties, we would like to let you know that usage of this product not only is most effective, but is also very easy and quick.

All you need to do is put some Hyperscrub Organic Paw Soap into the Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber container provided by us and then place the paw of your pet inside it. Then you just twist the container so that all the edges of the paw are cleaned. Lastly, you should just take the paw out and soak it dry with the Hyperscrub Microfibre Towel we provide. You should repeat the process on the other 3 paws.

Finish cleaning your pet's claws in no time

By now you should have noticed that using the Hyperscrub is very easy. Moreover, the small amount of time needed to clean your pet's paws is another factor that makes it such a useful, convenient product.

Check out the variety of products we offer

We provide a Hyperscrub Paw Scrubber and a Charcoal Hyperscrub

You can also choose to buy a Clean Paw Pack which has a Microfibre Towel and a Hyperscrub Organic Paw Soap along with a Charcoal Hyperscrub. If you still haven't acquired your pack, get it now.